How The Dodge Challenger SRT8 Doesn't Fit In To The Car World Anymore

Watch the above video of Regular Car Reviews' take on the Dodge Challenger SRT8. Notice how the car will not, cannot fit into any kind of modern view on what kind of car it should be.

The first thought is that as a two-door coupe it's a sports car, but it's too big.

The second thought is that it's a muscle car, but it's too cultured.

The third thought is that maybe it's a family car just like the Charger it's based on, but the Chally is too styled and too impractical.


The last thought is that maybe it's a GT car, but it's too brash.

The way we think about cars in 2015 just doesn't have room for the easy classification of the Challenger SRT8.

There's something compelling about the car, though. Something senseless. "My father, right or wrong. My country, right or wrong. My car, right or wrong," Mr. Regular intones.

Except it's not a secret something that makes this mishmosh of American and German parts and bad plastics and tiny windows and mis-aligning taillights so wonderful. It's not hidden at all. It's there every time you step on the throttle, and the tires spin, and the sound overwhelms all sense of reason and order and time.

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An automatic ?!? Forgive me while I go puke.