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How Slow Is A Powersliding RV?

As pointed out yesterday, you can drift anything with enough space and snow. Does this extend to RVs? Yes! Is it fast? No!

Remember drifters: momentum is your friend.

(Hat tip to Jaderic!)


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Urambo Tauro

He’s trying to clean the tanks!

RV holding tanks often have sensor probes in the holding tank walls. The liquid contents of the tank complete the circuit(s), allowing the user to read the tank levels at the press of a button. But wet pieces of solid waste often cling to these probes (particularly in the “black tank”), resulting in false positives and fooling the user into thinking they need to be emptied.

There are many chemicals and hose attachments you can buy to try to clean the probes, but the most effective method I’ve found is to empty the tank and refill it with plain water. By not filling the tank, the water has the opportunity to slosh around. Next is the fun part...

In a safe area, swerve the RV around in a rhythm that makes the water splash around in the tank. After doing this, empty the tank. This often works on the first try, but can take multiple attempts if shit-paper or other nastiness had an opportunity to dry onto the probes.