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How Sideways Can Vettel Slide An F1 Car?

Formula One cars just don't go sideways like they used to, right? This (unintentional) slide by Vettel shows that isn't always the case.


Vettel was struggling with a very snappy rear end in the final qualifying session the morning of the Australian Grand Prix. As the track was mixed wet and dry, there were a few corners where he ended up very, very sideways, as you can see here.

That Vettel managed to pull a pole lap out of these conditions is still surprising, but then you don't get to be a triple world champion without that kind of skill.


It's fantastic to watch the front of the RB9 push first, then see the back go out. Vettel is amazingly fast with the countersteer. Here's the slide again, from above.

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Peter Orosz

When he went through the Ascari chicane on full opposite lock in Monza during qualifying in 2011. Looked beautiful. Can’t find video.