How Not To Remove A Lug Bolt

Confession: When it comes to car repair, we've maimed, broken, set fire to, and flat-out destroyed a lot of stuff. Most of the time, we did not use a power reciprocating saw. This guy did. Ow.

Breaking stuff is fun. Fixing stuff is slightly less fun, but it's also far more satisfying in the long term. Breaking stuff in order to fix stuff is a weird combination of the two, the kind of mash-up that usually leaves you feeling like there must have been a better way. One member of Honda-Tech sawzalled a wheel in order to remove a chewed-up lug bolt. He broke something. He fixed something.


Make no mistake: In this case, there was definitely a better way.

Jim-Bob A: "Dude. It's stripped."

Jim-Bob B: "Dude, it IS stripped."

Jim-Bob A: "What the hell are we gonna do about it?"

Jim-Bob B: "I have no idea. You wanna smoke some crack?"

Jim-Bob A: "Definitely."

(Hat tip to SuperMotoThud!)


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