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How Much Would You Pay For A Secret Mini Found In A Dead Factory?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Silverstone Auctions will ask the very same question when this Mini Clubman from the historic Longbridge factory will go under the hammer after being lost for 30 years.

So, it's a wrecked Mini with the unsuccessful Clubman front. What makes it special, you ask? Well, the Mini Clubman 1275 GT is rare enough as it is, but this one has quite a bit of history.


This little car was used by the staff at the factory until somebody managed to drop a storage container on it in the late seventies. The workers secretly dumped it in the tunnels under Longbridge, where it stayed for thirty years as a hidden memorial of the British motor industry.


It was saved by a former factory worker who got permission to remove it in 2012 shortly before the tunnels were due to be filled in – making it the last ever Mini to leave Longbridge. After not getting any sunlight for three decades, this 1275 GT needs lots of love in order to return to its former glory.

I'm pretty sure it will get it.


Photo credit: Silverstone Auctions