How Much Would You Pay For A 267 MPH Bugatti Turd?

There's a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport for sale in Dubai (for best offer). The best part isn't the car's 1,200 horsepower of 267.8 mph top speed, but its choctastically, turdalicious brown paint job.


I myself love brown cars, and if I ever see myself needing a comfy GT car, the first car I'll look for will be a brown 1971-74 Dodge Charger. A big reason why I love brown cars so much isn't just that the color is lovely (particularly in metallic paints like on current BMWs), but also their poopy associations with shitty 1970s crapcans as well as shit itself.

It's just fun to see a fast brown car, and none are faster than this zero-mile, 2013 Bugatti, for sale at Al Ameer Motors.


How much would you pay for it?


Photo Credits: Al Ameer Motors

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