How Much Is A Totaled Ford GT Worth To You?

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Three months back, we wrote about a $200,000 Ford GT totaled by a tuner. Now it's been digested by the insurance process and spit out at a salvage auction. How much would you pay for a crunched supercar?


Before buying totaled high-end machinery, buyers like to know what they're getting that's still intact, which on this GT isn't much on the outside and a little weather-worn on the inside. But the 5.4-liter supercharged V8 supposedly has some life left, and maybe a few badges for eBay.

At the end of the bidding last night, the GT went for $40,000, or roughly one entire field of LeMons cars. (H/T to David, and apologies to $kaycog) [SalvageDirect]



I'd keep:

Engine + trans

Front + rear suspension


Dash + console


Fuel cell


Front wheels

and that left door as a wall ornament.

Then I'll bolt/weld everything in a '74 Dodge Monaco.

$40,000 for a 10 years project is ok by me.