The Ferrari 488 GTB is a new Ferrari that has an engine that has a lot of power. But how much power, exactly?

Ferrari's quoted specification for the 488 GTB's engine is that it makes 660 horsepower (670 cv) at 8,000 rpm. Torque is quoted at 560 lb-ft (760 Nm) at 3,000 rpm. The engine uses two turbochargers and its displacement is 3902 cc, or 3.9 liters or 238 cubic inches.

But how much power is that?

Let me attempt to contextualize the Ferrari 488 GTB's power by listing a number of cars that have less power than the Ferrari 488 GTB.


  • Ferrari 599 GTB
  • McLaren F1
  • Ferrari 640 1989 F1 car
  • Porsche 956
  • Audi Quattro S1 (in Group B rally spec)
  • Your car (probably)

Here is a list of cars that have more power than the Ferrari 488 GTB

  • Ferrari F12
  • McLaren P1
  • Ferrari SF15-T 2015 F1 car
  • Porsche 917/30
  • Audi Quattro S1 (in Pikes Peak spec)
  • Not your car (probably)

I hope this has been informative. Please tell your friends that the Ferrari 488 GTB has a lot of power. Ask if they have a car that has more power than the Ferrari 488 GTB. They will likely say no.


Photo Credit: Ferrari