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How Many Drinks Was That? Exploding Street Edition

We've got to admit Wert looks much more poised than we thought he'd look after his encounter with the exploding streets of Manhattan. The man still has a job to do — talking Chrysler and taking Colbert Report guest Tyson Slocum down a notch or two — although he should have reminded him we've still got Colbert on our own "notice" list. But now it's time for you to do your job and help us answer the question: How many drinks was that?


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Whipping out the National Security card is a red herring. Sure, national security and oil consumption are linked, but if it came down to a sudden embargo from the Middle East on the cusp of WWIII, the government would simply commandeer all - that's 100% for our viewing audience - of the domestic production for the war effort. And the domestic producers would surrender it gladly, knowing they could jack up the price a few bucks per barrel and probably get away with it.

Wert was on the money: the market is determining who lives and dies. It always has. Daihatsu learned this lesson the hard way. Unfortunately, so did AMC. And if domestic automakers don't want to be the ones dying, they need to get their heads out of their butts, trim off about three-fourths of their superfluous management, and take note of what sells, not what generates the best per-piece profit.