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Some people have long meaningful relationships with their cars, others seem to have a new vehicle every time you see them. Are you a committed car owner or do you move onto the next one as soon as you get bored? How many cars have you owned?


Everyone has a different philosophy on car ownership and how long to keep a car. The amount of cars you've owned varies accordingly. Other factors surely affect this number such as how long you've been driving, the quality of cars you purchase and how easily you get bored automotively. Whether it's a lot or a little, this weekend we want to know how many cars you have owned.

After only nine years of driving, I've already managed to rack up 17 cars, with four of them current. This number can be attributed to a mixture of constantly changing automotive interests and crappy daily drivers with a short shelf life. Of those 17, all but two were less than $5000 and of the 13 remaining vehicles 12 were over 25 years old when purchased. What can I say, I make stupid BOLD automotive decisions.


Now that I've told you about the high amount of low value vehicles in my automotive past, tell me how many cars have you owned?

(Photo Credit: Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier)

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