A Bentley Mulsanne Uses 36,000 Burgers Worth Of Cow

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Bentley is fond of describing their cars in terms of all their impressive numbers: 505 HP/725 lb-ft, top speed 184 MPH, two integrated-seat iPad holders and keyboards, and, my favorite one, the fact they use 18 or so entire cow hides for the interior. That got me thinking about other numbers they could be using. Burger numbers.

See, if they're using the hides of 18 entire cows, there's probably a lot of other stuff in those cows that you could use. I'm not sure if they have a policy of using the entire cow, like we were taught about Native Americans as kids, since I think the braided tendon door handle-pulls didn't focus group well. But everyone loves a good burger, right? So how many of those could you get from the production needs of one Bentley Mulsanne?

Thanks to the handy cow-and-steer facts I gathered from this handy website, I was able to find that number. It's another fantastic reason to buy a new Mulsanne, if you're on the fence. Just be sure to ask Bentley to package and bag your burgers and load them in crates in the trunk when you take delivery.



UPDATE: It's fixed now. Again, my apologies, and I promise I won't rush a chart when I have to make a flight ever again.