Right now, gas is as cheap as it’s been since 2005: $1.97 on average across the country. I filled up a Pontiac G8 GXP two weeks ago for $40 and Wert's seeing less than $1.70 in Metro Detroit. So it’s easy to forget that as little as three month ago, a gallon of the go juice was over $4. But how long is this going to last? Long enough to make Pontiac’s new sub-20 MPG muscle car a practical purchase? The price of gas is a complicated formula, with variables including OPEC’s daily level of greed, the number and location of which countries we’re currently invading and the current reason for low prices: demand or the lack of it. Should we all be scooping up cheap SUVs on our way out to Black Friday sales, or should we be saving our pennies in anticipation of prices again skyrocketing? So, Jalopnik Readers, we ask you: How long will cheap gas last?

While we're enjoying the current low prices and taking the opportunity to drive more than ever, we're also hedging our bets against the future. We think the current low prices are a knee jerk reaction to that whole financiapocalypse thing; as soon as we invade North Korea/bail out GM/scare everyone with talk of nail bombs in NY, prices will head back up to previous levels or beyond. After all, with the rapid development of economies in Asia, demand for fuel has forever increased.

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