How Individual Throttle Bodies Turn Your Engine Into God

Screenshot taken by that one dude who put ITBs on his Toyota V12

You may have seen a BMW or a Honda once that had weird little tube things sprouting from one side of its engine. What’s up with that? you wondered, right before the owner gave the car a rev and your eardrums were split in half.

That was the joy of individual throttle bodies.

I did an explainer on how these work to get more air more into your engine more cleanly (but also more complicatedly and expensively) not that long ago in a piece I did on velocity stacks:


That said, the great nerditude at Engineering Explained also just tackled the question in wonderful white board detail and it’s too good not to post.

Please enjoy, and then go tear the turbo off your car with your teeth and put ITBs on it.

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