How ICON Built The Ultimate Badass Sleeper Caprice

Photo credit: Jonathan Ward

ICON is used to customizing more classic fare, but if you just want to go fast and not be noticed, nothing beats a big old ex-cop car. ICON’s Jonathan Ward told Road & Track the insane story of how one ICON client decided to pump serious cash into an old Caprice, of all things.

What would make Ward’s team tackle the prototypical car of a tacky, plastic-clad era that is the exact opposite of ICON’s bespoke metal fare? A cool project, of course. The client wanted to avoid air travel as much as possible, and was a huge Blues Brothers fan.


The only inspiration given for the car’s cosmetic design was the phrase “Get the fuck out of my lane.” Harsh, but fair. I’d move over for those bright LEDs they fit into the push bar, too.

Check out the full write-up of how this build came together over at Road & Track.

Photo credit: Jonathan Ward

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