The Subaru Crosstrek (or XV) has a reputation to uphold being a Subaru promising the cavalier, maverick-type abilities of all-wheel-drive. So how exactly does this lifted hatchback CUV thing handle taken way way out of its comfort zone?


Our friends at XCAR tested the Subaru Crosstrek away from parking lot puddles and shopping cart hell, and into the type of terrain people think they may one day need an all-wheel-drive Subaru for.

So how does it hold up in small lakes, muddy hills, steep climbs, and generally the type of terrain a military would train for? Well it holds up excellently.


So go ahead and buy it you prospective outdoors-man; you blizzard-blaring baron; you, family that insists on getting your very own Christmas tree fresh from the forest, even though it will shed needles like a dead cat—even if you do all of it from the comfort of heated seats and satellite radio, or just in your imagination.

And don’t forget the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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