It's one thing to overlook mismatched fenders on a Jeep Wrangler when one side has unpainted plastic black and the other is glossy painted black. But how do you explain one with three white fenders and one black plastic one? Jeez. Did we really pay good government money for this company?

This isn't just any Wrangler, but a 2012 Limited four-door model loaded to a sticker price of $35,725. Amazing with that number on the windshield, no one at the dealership noticed the slightly dimmer fender before taking several pictures and posting them on eBay.

The switcheroo could have happened anywhere — at the Toledo factory that's actually a joint venture with Chrysler and suppliers, which has been running full-tilt to meet demand, in shipping or on the dealer's lot. All we need now are different colored fenders and a Jeep press release announcing the Wrangler Harlequin Edition.


Hat tip to Chris!