How Do You Not See The Plane

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Here’s a tip that will take you a long way in life: don’t hit a plane with a van. The plane will nearly always win.


A service van collided with Dragonair flight KA691 this afternoon at Hong Kong International Airport, reports the South China Morning Post. The driver was trapped inside with head injuries until he was rescued by firefighters and taken to the hospital for treatment.

An authority spokeswoman confirmed that the plane, which is an Airbus A330, was leaving Hong Kong for Penang, when the van crashed into its left engine.

If you watch the video, the van seems like it’s heading straight for the belly of the plane until it swerves right at the last minute. It gets pushed along the tarmac for a little bit, while workers on the ground frantically wave at the pilot to stop the plane.

The South China Morning Post reports that none of the 295 members of the passengers and crew aboard were injured. Everyone had to deplane, though.

There is an ongoing investigation to determine why the driver drove into the plane.

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Why did he hit it? It was in plane sight.