There's different thinking when it comes to trying to sell cars to women. My particular view on the subject is that people should just make good cars because I suspect everyone likes a good car. Others, usually product planners, think there needs to be something much more feminine. This often means patronizing.

A notable miscue from American history is the Dodge LaFemme. A more recent example, from Japan, is the Honda Fit She's. It happens to be pink, or possibly salmon. (Isn't "pink salmon" redundant, then?) Today, however, brings us to Mitsubishi Fuso and their possible ploy to get women interested in commercial box trucks with... the Canter Eco Hybrid Canna. It's just pink and covered in dots. Yeah, mother would not approve.

How does this keep happening? Sadly, ATX211 might've hit it on the head:

"How do we market to women?"

- "Talk down to them."

"No that doesn't work. Tried it."

- "Make it pink?"


- "Chicks dig everything pink. Probably make them want to drive trucks for a living."

"Don't call them chicks. Broads hate being called chicks."

And Hermann - Fantasy WRC Champion takes it to another demographic:

"Sir, I've seen another pattern on the car sales beside we aren't selling to women: All buyers are 18+ years old, regardless of gender. We aren't selling any of our trucks to children."

- "We'll make colourful versions. Add Stickers and Flashing lights, too, but charge extra."


Stupid marketing. Stupid.

Photo: Honda