How Did This Car Roll So Many Times And How Did Its Driver Not Die?

gif: ABC News/Facebook

This past weekend in DeLand, Florida, a man had to be transported to the hospital by helicopter after flipping his car in one of the most “Holy shit!”-inducing accidents I’ve ever seen.

The man in the video crashed his car into a mailbox, and then into a group of ATVs sitting in front of a scooter store, WESH 2 reports. That’s when his car entered a terrifying, uncontrollable rollover. Watch as the car falls apart with each tumble:

According to WESH 2, bystanders quickly rushed to the driver’s aid, attending to the plumes of smoke with fire extinguishers, rolling the car over, cutting the driver out of his seatbelt, and pulling him through the sunroof.


The car, which appears to be an early 2000s GM product (perhaps a Buick LeSabre?) is completely mangled after all the flips. So it’s a wonder that, according to the news site, the driver survived, and was medevaced to a nearby hospital. His current status is unknown.

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