How did this car get inside of this van?

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The film Borat allegedly unfairly portrayed Kazakhs as a bunch of trashy Central Asian simpletons. So wrong. This photo proves that Kazakhs are actually trashy Central Asian geniuses. But how — and why — did they do it? Let's find out.

Police in Germany stopped this Kazakh-plated Sprinter van on the A1 Autobahn after noticing the rear door wasn't quite flush. Upon stopping the vehicle they realized why.

A pair of 22-year-old Kazakh men apparently purchased the Mazda 626 and, rather than merely tow the vehicle, they decided the Mazda would fit inside their van so they put it on its side and somehow hoisted it into the back. It's supported on either side to avoid scratching the paint.

The nose of the sedan touches the dashboard and, despite some measurements that must have told them it was a good idea, they couldn't quite get the back doors to close. Oh, and one of the passengers had to sit between the hood and the front seats.


German police shut them down claiming the van was over-loaded and not sufficiently packed. Hopefully, someone pointed out the other person could just, you know, drive it home. (Hat tip to Dirlotron!)

Photo: Polizei via Der Spiegel