How Did The 'World’s Fastest Lotus' Crash Into A Freeway Wall?

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The Ronin Exige, aka the self-proclaimed 'World's Fastest Lotus', is a supercharged and turbocharged 680-horsepower monster. But yesterday morning it was put into the wall of California's 101. Now the owner claims it wasn't his fault — or the car's.

Word got out that the Exige had been wrecked, so the owner, Frank Profera, decided to explain — quite graphically, at that — how it happened in a YouTube comment:

I was rear ended by some fuckin cunt in a Porsche while on the fwy. He hit my left rear and spun me, I ended up in the right side wall.... I can't wait to see this fuckin cunt in jail for a hit and run...Fuckin cunt Porsche owners...No one in front of me or in ether laneon my side and this cunt hits me up the ass...what does that tell ya about Porsche owners...always lookin for a cute ass even if it's an old dude


YouTube comments are generally accepted as one of the least reliable sources of information in human history, so we can't say for sure how the crash happened. At least no one was hurt and the damage looks reparable.

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Photo Credit: Auto Neurotic Fixation