How Did A Retired NASCAR Hall Of Famer End Up At The X Games?

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Rusty Wallace isn’t just any ex-NASCAR racer. On top of an extremely successful NASCAR career, he’s also been a television commentator and a team owner. He is perhaps the least expected entry in this year’s X Games. How did he end up in this year’s Off-Road Truck races? He sat down with Speed City to explain.


It’s hard to imagine two more different worlds than NASCAR and the X Games, but the NASCAR connection is strong in Stadium Super Trucks, which are used in the X Games’ Off-Road Truck Racing events. Famed NASCAR road course ringer Boris Said also showed up to race in the X Games’ Off-Road Truck races this year. The series itself was started by fellow NASCAR alum Robby Gordon, who played a major role in getting Wallace to try out a car. Wallace is twice the age of many of the athletes at the X Games, but Gordon knew he could rise to the challenge of racing one of his trucks.

“I’ve missed the sport,” explained Wallace. “I miss all kinds of motorsports, and this is one that I’ve been watching for a long time.”

Wallace’s drive is a one-off, but he wants to “see what happens.” You can listen to his full interview with Speed City here, where he explains everything from the unique experience of driving a Stadium Super Truck to NASCAR’s current season.

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I have only hate for watching NASCAR. But I do respect it (the “road courses” can sometimes be exciting; also no aids and plenty power on live axles). But this just insulting. A NASCAR driver already involved in motorsports going into off road truck racing? Aren’t both stereotypically country* anyways? How is it a surprise that the two are linked without the explanation? Hell, it’s just two different kinds of driving; way different yes, but still driving.

Wasn’t something just done on Bucky Lasek? A bunch of pro skateboarders, pro bmx riders, and a DC CEO partaking in rallying/rallycross and not doing a bad job at all? Now that’s damn surprising!

*best attempt to be politically correct.