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Should The Next Presidential Limo Be A Tesla?Motor Authority

We touched on this with our presidential limo AOTD, but it's a great question. As a symbol of the U.S., isn't it a fair question to have a Tesla for our nation's leader? Is it actually doable?

While there's no indication that Elon Musk has any such desire, we think it's an interesting idea—one that would fit with government incentives for electric cars, give a nice green image to whomever might hold the office next time around, and conveniently side-step the issue of the automotive bailouts.

Peugeotphilia: Enzo Ferrari Loved His Peugeots – According To His Personal DriverCurbside Classic

The Italian icon he is, it's a little jarring to see Enzo Ferrari in anything other than a Fiat, Alfa or, yes, a Ferrari. But a '60s Peugeot 404 Wagon is still a stylish choice.

Dawid Botha forwarded me this article from the Spring 2013 edition of the Italian Peugeot Club. It includes a short interview with Ferrari's personal driver/rider (even when Ferrari drove, he always was accompanied by someone). I've seen pictures of Ferrari with a custom Mini, but didn't know that he preferred Peugeots for his daily driver, including a 404 sedan, 504 sedan, and 504 coupe. And the racing team used Peugeot wagons for support vehicles.


Why we're addicted to online outrageThe Week

Remember this when we do a full review of the Porsche Macan Diesel.

On one level, "outrage porn" at least promises to stimulate an internet grazer who is bored at work, or perhaps even bored with life. It makes him feel like an actor in a great moral struggle, either as victim or as triumphant voice of justice. Indeed, savvy media organizations train their headline writers to find the "stakes" that matter to readers, and one way to do that is to generate anxiety about being in the unfairly hated or the righteously hating parts of American life.


Photo: Tesla Motors