How Bob Marley's Long Lost Land Rover Was Rescued From Certain Death

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Reggae legend Bob Marley's 1977 Series III Land Rover pickup was almost as cool as the man himself. Yet it spent some thirty years waiting in vain for somebody to stir it up and satisfy its soul. See what I did there? You should also see this beautiful restoration video and how happy the truck made Marley's kids.

As a big fan of automotive lawn art, I had mixed feelings about this at first. I mean, every dent in this truck was connected to the man who owned it. But Bob's own son Rohan and daughter Stephanie seem really happy that the truck was resurrected. Besides that; it probably only had a few months left soaking of up the Jamaican sea salt before it completely deteriorated into nothingness.


The project was bankrolled by Sandals Resorts International and its Jamaican affiliate car company ATL Automotive, ITC who distribute Land Rover for the region. Those guys are obviously proud of their work, and rightfully so. This is one of the most ambitious restorations I've heard of in some time.

iReggageNation says the truck was returned to the Marley family just before what would have been the singer's 70th birthday.

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"The project was bankrolled by Sandals Resorts"