How Big Is A Dodge Ram, Really?

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Plenty of websites can get you clear statistics on the size of a Dodge Ram, but the vastness of America skews our perspective. To find out how big a full-size pickup is, you have to go to Europe.

While we were talking American cars Europeans love, we got a bit of a lesson in vehicle size from horai and Vargius.



I live in Derbyshire and this is my daily ride. Because we live on top of a very large hill the weather in winter is atrocious and she's got me home many times when cars have been abandoned. I do run her on LPG most of the time which is about the same price you pay for petrol in the U.S.


Nice ride! Unfortunately, in Norway those trucks are usually registered as light-trucks, meaning you need a special driving license to operate them and they get to pay double or even quadruple the rate whenever they pass a toll (of which there are a LOT of). Otherwise, I'd love to own a large American truck myself, and would most certainly run it on LPG.


Damn. At least you Scandinavians have a bunch of frozen lakes to go hoon Rams on, like this guy. We Americans are still jealous.


Photo Credit: horai

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I think the US should also require light-truck or truck registrations on these. I'm not against pickups, but common, they take up 2 spaces at the grocery store where the soccer mom parks it. + they are bigger than other vehicles on the road, just like full-size 18-wheelers (trucks) so it is fair that they also require a higher standard of licensing to operate safely and higher tolls due to weight.