Whenever people talk about sport sedans from the 1980s, it's always E30 this and E30 that. Don't get me wrong, I love E30s very much, but there is one sedan that doesn't get nearly as much respect as it should: the Mercedes-Benz 190E. Especially when it comes to the 190E 2.3-16 raced by Ayrton Senna in 1984.


People always seem to forget that it was the success of the 190E, or W201 in Mercedes parlance, in touring car racing that drove BMW to create the first M3 in the first place.

But Evo journalist Mike Duff never forgot that fact, and he was inspired by Senna's '84 victory in the car at the Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit — against more seasoned F1 drivers when he was still an up-and-comer — that led him to buy his own 2.3-16 road car later.


In this new video, Duff and Nick Trott reflect on the car's history, Senna's performance in it, and how it holds up today. I know I sure wouldn't kick one out of my garage. In fact, making a call between this and an E30 M3 would be extremely tough.

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