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How Are You Combating Climate Change?

Are you helping to change the world for the better?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Tire fires in Kuwait inspired a change to recycle tires.
Tire fires in Kuwait inspired a change to recycle tires.
Photo: YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP (Getty Images)

As a person who frequently writes about her own life, especially as it regards the automotive and motorsport worlds, I can get a lot of criticism — and I’ve definitely received the same criticisms with my recent trip to Greenland to cover Extreme E. Those concerns are very valid, but I do want to turn the question back on you fine folks: What are you, specifically, doing to combat climate change?

Quite a few people suggested in the comments of my Greenland stories that I cover the races from home or stick to my local tracks to watch racing. Others said there was no point in worrying about climate change because my single contribution won’t do anything.


And in many ways, those are both very valid. I absolutely could cover motorsport from my own couch — though there are other benefits to being there in person. And there’s also very little that I, as a single human, can do when the real problems are stemming from large corporations over which I have no control.

Nevertheless, I want to ask everyone to share what they’re doing. How are you doing better for the environment?


For my own part, I still do travel and write about a notoriously wasteful sport, but I’m also trying to work on my own carbon footprint in other ways. I’m shopping local at every point I can, and I’m also trying to reduce my meat intake, especially red meat. I’ve been trying to use less power, even though I truly hate being sweaty in Texas. I’ve been recycling more often and using my waste to create compost to feed my own plants. They’re all small things, but it’s a foundation for bigger changes to come.

So, I want to know what the rest of y’all are up to. Are you cutting back on meat? Commuting to work via public transit or bicycle? Share with the class.