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How Apple Ruined The Mercedes-AMG GT Launch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In what can only be described as terrible timing, Mercedes announced they'd be unveiling the Mercedes-AMG GT on the exact same day as the iPhone 6/AppleWatch at basically the exact same time. Mercedes didn't move their announcement but decided to run it simultaneously. Oops.

If you're thinking "Boy, Mercedes sure is dumb to have their product unveil at the same time as the biggest product unveil all year" you should look at this video below.

That's the Mercedes announcement letting people know that today would be the day of the reveal of one of the company's important new vehicles. Here's a link to the Gizmodo post about the iPhone6/AppleWatch. Guess what, both public announcements appear to have happened at roughly the same time on August 28th (although Mercedes said they told some super special media they were having the event earlier).


That doesn't mean that Mercedes shouldn't have, you know, moved the event to later in the afternoon or earlier in the day, but it would have probably been hard to change the date itself as Mercedes says they were planning this announcement for nearly a year (and Apple was probably doing the same).

You could argue that people who care about the AppleWatch don't care about the AMG GT and vice versa, but that's not true. Traffic reports seem to indicate that almost everyone cares about the AppleWatch even though the stream was basically down for the first 30 minutes and partially in another language.


Ultimately, Apple doesn't give a shit about when Mercedes does their announcement and having them on the same day isn't really going to hurt the sales of either product. Plus, we can all be grateful there was no musical revue.