How An $18,650 Kia Rio Compares To A Studded Leather Jacket That Costs The Same

At this moment, if you so chose to, you could spend $18,650 on a “London’s punk scene”-inspired leather jacket. My wife described this jacket as a “$20,000 Halloween costume,” and I think that’s a pretty good assessment. You could also spend exactly $18,650 on a 2017 Kia Rio EX. Let’s compare the two.


The Gucci jacket takes 40 hours to make by hand, with ‘craftspeople’ applying all those 2400 studs by hand right into that Salvadoran mule scrotum leather or whatever that is. It’s designed by Allesandro Michele, who’s work with Gucci has been described as

“ Jeff Koons sculptures minus the soul-deadening cynicism.”

... even though I can’t possibly think of anything more soul-deadeningly cynical than a “punk” jacket that costs eighteen grand.

The Kia Rio is a fine, honest little car built in South Korea.

Since these two remarkably divergent things cost the exact same amount of money, it’s likely that you’re having trouble deciding which one to buy: the sensible little car or the insensible little jacket?


I’m hoping this chart may help you out. Good luck!

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