Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom motorhome was once a cement truck. It’s now a house and a garage, but will its price have you planning on moving in, or moving on?

What do they say, close but no cigar? Well, the vote on yesterday’s 1989 Honda GB500 (GB for Great Britain, did you get that?) was a close 54%/46%. Instead of a cigar however, it came away with a Nice Price win. That’s a lot better and a lot less stinkier.

Do you smoke? Do you live with someone who doesn’t and who also doesn’t take too kindly to everything in the house - including you - smelling of burned vegetation? Well then maybe it’s time to pack up your Tupac-a-day habit and take it on the road.

This custom 1977 International truck based motorhome (which comes with a freaking garage!) might be just the ticket to wrap up any kind of personal baggage you might have and hit the highway.


Hell, even if people equate you to Mother Teresa and you’d still want to live here. I mean, look around, does your home have a ceiling fan, a queen-sized loft bed, and a shower in the garage? More to the point, is your house a stick shift?

See, your house sucks when you compare it to this custom home-never-away-from-home.

The ad says the basis for this custom camper was a 1977 International Paystar 5000 cement truck. The box upon that is built from 1-inch square section and is foam insulated throughout.


Power is provided by a Cummins BC400 six. For those of you unfamiliar that’s a 14-litre inline six-cylinder diesel weighing in at a stout 2,600-pounds and producing here a claimed 330-bhp at the wheels. Torque should be somewhere in the neighborhood - and this coach would fit into just about any neighborhood - of about 1,150 lb-ft.

This is a 6x6 chassis, but the ad notes that the front axle shafts have been removed for improved mileage purposes. That shouldn’t be hard to revert. Hell, maybe you can point to that when at the DMV in making the case that you don’t actually need a Class B (noncommercial) license to drive the thing.


That would be bonus, as is the fact that this single truck is both home and garage. There’s a spacious living area up front, complete with couches, a microwave, a funky snake ladder to the cab-over sin bin, a crapper for your crap, and the aforementioned ceiling fan. Behind that is a 17-foot deep garage with a fold-up ramp/ass cap and a stall shower. That all makes it the perfect race series HQ, or just a damn nice place to live if you’re indecisive about your preferred location.

Other cool features to note here are the new fuel pump and injectors on the mill - and yes, you can find parts for the BC400 - and six new tires on forged Alcoa wheels. There are LED lights throughout and a rear-view camera so you can see the nods of appreciation and raised thumbs from the drivers you have just passed on the road.


One of the cool parts of the ad for the truck are the Craigslist keywords the seller has chosen which include ‘preppers, blackout, and zombie.’ He really knows his audience. Hopefully that knowledge extends to the truck’s set price, but of course, that’s exactly what we’re here to decide.

The asking is $35,000 and yes, in today’s housing market you’re probably not going to find a better deal. Especially when the prime factor in home valuation is location-location-location and this home can be in pretty much any location you would want.


We’re not looking at it from a home point of view however, but from a mobile home point of view, seeing as this site is called ‘Japlopnik’ and not ‘Homopnik.’

With that in mind, and after reviewing all that this custom motor home has to offer, do you think it’s worth that $35,000 asking price? Or, does that price pull up the welcome mat for you?

You decide!


Northern Michigan Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jimbobway for the hookup!

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