How a Simple Redesign Could Have Made the Pontiac Aztek Less Ugly

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Screenshot: TheSketchMonkey (YouTube)

Is the Pontiac Aztek the ugliest car ever? Sources say yes. But just imagine what could have been, if only Pontiac had hired someone to redesign the car. Imagine no further, friends, because someone has actually gone ahead and done the work for you!

TheSketchMonkey on Youtube is known for his videos dedicated to re-designing just about every car you could ever think of, making tweaks here and there to make the overall look a lot more pleasant. In one of his more recent videos, he does what could possibly be considered The Impossible: He takes on the Pontiac Aztek, doing his best to turn this beastly creation into something at least slightly more pleasing to the eye.

He starts by pointing out some of the most terribly egregious design flaws: The front end that looks like two separate cars, for example, and the fact that the lines of the car are visually all over the place. You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong, after all.


The redesign is a hell of a lot more visually appealing. It doesn’t magically become a gorgeous car by any means, but the lines flow much better, so it’s not quite so offensive on the eyes.

Take a few minutes today and watch some fancy artwork happen—how just a little bit of extra work could have saved the Aztek from its ugly fate.

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