Ford invited members of the automotive media to take a first ride in the new Ford F-150 Tremor at Michigan International Speedway. They even invited professional wheelman and 2012 Sprint Cup Champ Brad Keselowski to hoon us around a bit. They should have done this before lunch.

I will admit, I am not the biggest NASCAR fan, so I never had a reason to visit the track before. It's somewhat in the "sticks" for people in the Detroit Metro area. That all being said, MIS is by far the best race track in Michigan. Them NASCAR boys have money and spend it like water.

After a brief lunch meet-n-greet we were ushered out to the track and took turns riding with Brad. We hit some slow speed turns before opening up on a banked section of the track, topping out around 100mph then jumping hard on the brakes for a sweeping downhill left-hander.


Brad commented that they put him though some road race training just a few days ago. So, contrary to popular belief, NASCAR drivers can actually turn right. How fast was it?

Something about hitting apexes in a truck led to symptoms like: sweaty palms, rapid breathing, and a slight British accent. It was only a couple of turns so I managed to keep my lunch down.

In my video above you can hear Brad mention that he's, ahem, had a little fun with a borrowed Ford before.


* The Tremor Logo shown is only for safety car duty at Michigan International Speedway. Consumer trucks have a much smaller side graphic.


Here's the official Ford YouTube link with my helmeted head and the cheesy rock music that Ford seems to buy in bulk: