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More than a quarter-of-a-million people have seen the video of a Corvette ZR1 driver crashing into a Chrysler SRT8 since Jalopnik first posted it. Now we have the video, and story, of what happens next.


It's now clear that the owner of the Corvette ZR1 and the Chrysler SRT8 were racing but, despite showing the CHP the original video, they were able to get out of a ticket because the unskilled 'Vette driver copped to the whole thing.


In fact, were it not for the apparently wealthy ZR1 owner immediately taking blame for the situation (but if you're street racing, you're both to blame) and agreeing to cover everything in the insurance. We'll let YouTube user FosterMichaelR explain in his own words. Warning, he hates spacing.


Jumps out of the car after throwing the SRT8 car keys at the front window and popping the trunk. Originally gonna grab a wrench stored in the trunk, but IDK from the slamming of the car door and walking to the back he decided to instead go straight up to the ZR1 driver which was bowing his head in disbelief in his car. I think the ZR1 driver kinda knew what was gonna happen and opened his door slowly lol, asking if he was alright. IDK, it cooled things down a bit. I know my buddy went from Imma kill you mode to, "wait, hes a rich mofo that will most likely pay for my shit lol"... and thats exactly what happened. The ZR1 driver stepped out and almost immediately stated, "Dont worry bro, I got bad ass insurance, your gonna be good bro!"... Things actually from that point went to a laughter and awe of the dented up car show on the side of the "SoCal" free way. (ppl r claiming this was northern). The italian guy wasnt even pissed about his car, no reaction to it besides, "How the fuck did this happen."... completely calm and stated a few time "I don't even want this car anymore, too much horsepower. It was like I was on ICE.". Backseat driver (one screaming EARL hahaha) was like fuck this day, why the hell did we go to starbucks lol. About 15 minutes after the crash I realized I had the previous video lol.

I showed the CHP even, if it wasnt for the rich guy telling them it was his fault and we weren't racing, we would have def been charged for it. They couldn't believe I would have it on video w/o it being a race. But I explained, I just wanted to see my favorite vette go by. The ZR1 driver had no idea we were taking video and probably didn't know til he saw this shit go viral, maybe he was watching AOTS when they aired us lol... The guy was rich and didn't care at all about the car, only that he was gonna have to put it "BACK" and yes I mean "BACK" in the shop. Wasn't his first accident in it. He clearly stated this many times on the side of the road. I don't care to share his story for that one. He should be embarrassed enough. We drove off after the CHP said they couldnt write a ticket for the crash... WTF

In the video, you will see a smashed front end of a SRT8, smashed door and chin spoiler on the vette, and of course, "Not a scratch or anything"... lol

There you go, folks. If you're going to crash into someone's car make sure you have "bad ass insurance" bro. Also, don't street race.

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