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1976 BMW 2002 Helped Get Owner Into CollegePetrolicious

No joke.

Identity. Forming your own is a big part of the teenage experience. For the 16-year-old Carter Kelly Kramer, expressing his own individuality required the right car. While his schoolmates gravitated toward the usual suspects – mainly Subarus and Mitsubishis – Carter knew an old-school European sport sedan would tell his story far better. Alfa GTVs were well beyond his budget, but BMW 2002s managed to squeeze in.


I've been everywhere: Dodge A-100-based Xplorer motorhome at HersheyHemmings

Jason suggested this one because he really liked this van. Can't blame him.

Sometimes some of the more intriguing vehicles at Hershey aren't there for sale or for show; instead, they're the trucks, vans, trailers, and motorhomes that vendors and other Hershey participants use to haul their cars and parts to the event. Take, for instance, Tony Concepcion's 1970 Xplorer 21 motorhome, built by a man who some consider one of the founding fathers of the modern motorhome industry, which we spotted on Hershey's Red Field last month.


Photos: 2013 US Grand Prix - Race DayRoad & Track


Grade A F1 porn from Jamey Price. Look at the pretty pictures!

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