Houston Mayor turns red-light cameras back on

Voters rejected them, a judicial ruling overruled that rejection, and now Houston Mayor Annise Parker will turn the city's red-light cameras back on. Damn you Texas and your activist judges!

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Here's a thought. Don't run red lights.

1. You won't run over my kids when they're crossing the road

2. You won't run me down on my bike

3. You won't get a fine

Sometimes this shit just isn't hard, folks. And please don't bitch and complain about freedom or liberties or whatever amendment to the constitution you feel these things may be breaching. This isn't a personal invasion like TSA backscatter scanners and body-searches. This isn't illegal search and seizure of your home because you have a vaguely Arab-sounding name. This isn't threatening your way of life in one, demonstrable whit.