Parking must be really bad in Houston, because they're giving out tickets to cars parked on walls now. At least that's what happened at 3303 Kirby Ave in Houston, where the City posted a red tag on the building demanding "Remove car from front." Why don't they just put a boot on it if they're so angry?

The car in question is a red Mini Cooper, specifically, a fake red Mini Cooper. It's just a fiberglass shell, because (A) Duh and (B) It's part of a Mini advertising campaign. Mini's been using these fiberglass Minis to make striking billboards for a while now, and they've shown up before on buildings as well. According to the staff at Internum, the furniture store in the building, this is the first example of a Mini-on-building ad in the US.


Based on other text on the ticket, "Barricade sidewalk at front — Do this Immediately" it seems as though the concern is that furniture patrons would be crushed to death by a plummeting car. The reality, of course, is that at worst patrons would be horribly injured by a plummeting fake car. Big difference.

It seems the issue started from permitting issues rather than any suggestion of unsafe mounting, so there doesn't appear any reason to worry.


I was told by staff at the store that "everything's being resolved" so it looks like the Mini Cooper will get to keep its decidedly vertical parking place for a bit longer.

Still, the lesson here is get your permits before you park your car on your wall, Houstonians!


Photo Credit: Swamplot

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