Hot Wheels builds giant ramp for real-life record jump at Indy 500

For this year's Indianapolis 500, the marketing brains at Hot Wheels will attempt to break the world record for longest jump by a four-wheel vehicle. Doing so requires a 90-foot ramp mounted on a 10-story-tall bedroom door. Dear. Lord.


To make this kid's dream a reality — and to construct a vehicle that can survive jumping more than 301 feet — Hot Wheels enlisted a California firm which has been built the orange track and a Baja-style truck over the past few months. The driver, whose real identity is kept secret by Hot Wheels, will have to hit at least 90 mph by the end of the ramp to clear the record. As builder Jack Murphy told's Playbook:

"This has been my life for the last 22 years, jumping people off of stuff...What really excited me is that no one else but Hot Wheels can own a stunt like this."

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The current record is held by Johnny Greaves, the Toyota Baja racer who set the record back in 2009 on a dirt track (For comparison's sake, Travis Pastrana's 2010 jump in his Subaru rally car was just 269 feet. Slacker.) If things go according to plan, the jump will go off following the end of the Indianapolis 500, after which Hot Wheels will also reveal the driver's identity, unless Ben Collins writes about it first.

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So the point of the 10 story down ramp? Is this going to be done without engine power? There's some details missing that are necessary. It is specifically a hot wheels car? They're really trying to make a kids toy jump 301ft with someone in it? Why does someone have to be in it? So many questions.