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Horror Video Shows Helicopter Explode After It Gets Hit By A Firetruck

A firetruck somehow crashed into a helicopter in Santiago, Chile today, splitting the chopper in two and sending it into an out-of-control spin until it exploded.


Amazingly, everyone survived the horrifying episode.

Both the firetruck and the Eurocopter EC-135 were responding to a drunk driver who crashed into a police car, as reports.

Police closed off the street to allow the helicopter to land and assist at a crash caused by a drunk driver which left three police officers seriously injured.

When a fire truck made its way into the secure zone it edged too close to the chopper, nicking one of its spinning blades.


This is when the helicopter started spinning, hitting a police car, splitting in two, and showering the area with sparks until the entire craft exploded.

Five people were hospitalized: the drunk driver who started the whole mess, the pilot who was seriously injured, and three police officers in the struck patrol vehicle.

This is certainly a strong reminder of how terribly things can go wrong for emergency responders. That and it is a massive testament to the safety structures built into modern helicopters. I shudder to imagine the G-forces that pilot endured.

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Gary Yogurt

I'm sure Rockstar will fix this glitch in the next patch.