Hornet Is Go! Dodge to Build Micro-Car, Because Duh, Gas Prices Might Rise

The ever-progressive Chrysler Corporation wowed the auto industry today amid heavy rumors that it may build a small economy car based on the Dodge Hornet. While not breaking up with Big Oil, Chrysler is hedging bets that, in the future, fuel prices will soar due to a combination of flawed American foreign policy combined with skyrocketing demand from China and India. Thus, management is positively rushing to bring the Hornet to market. Thanks to its streamlined and efficient management hierarchy, the company has been able to push through a decision to maybe go ahead with production at some point in the future to possibly start sales in 2010 in a scarcely believable two years.


Speaking to the Financial Times Deutschland, Thomas Hausch, the company's vice president for international purchasing, stated unambiguously, "We are working intensely on the Hornet study," following with the inspirational and foresighted, "But I cannot rule out that there may be a Chrysler that is smaller than our economy model, the 2-liter Sebring." We're seriously impressed by Chrysler's commitment to bringing about a brave new future through progressive product lines. Unconfirmed reports from Europe and Asia state that automakers there are hurrying to develop plans for their own sub-2-liter economy cars in an effort to catch up with the American juggernaut. [via Forbes]

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