The Kia Cadenza, a car I forgot was even sold in America, is getting a very heavy design overhaul for its mid-cycle refresh this year to keep its competitiveness with the likes of the Toyota Avalon and Buick LaCrosse piping hot. If you are surprised one of those cars also still exists and that they need “competition” at all, you are not alone.

Kia has released four teaser images, including the one above, for the updated car, which will debut in Korea first before making its way to America. Our review of the 2017 Cadenza proved that it was a smart purchase and a good deal, just as long as you managed to look beyond driving what others might call an expensive Kia.


Its sales aren’t great in the U.S. though, with the last four years alternating between about 7,300 sales a year to 4,600 sales a year.

That car actually looked pretty good, but the new one promises some modern updates like a taillight bar stretching across the rear and redesigned headlights with an LED bar that appears to run under the corners of the grille.

The interior also seems to get a bigger infotainment screen on a redesigned dashboard, with new transmission and center console controls as well.


The current car has 290 horsepower from a 3.3-liter V6, but any power or price changes on the facelift will be announced when the car is officially revealed.

I respect this car, as it seems like a nice car, but I’m going to forget about it again. I just know it.

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