Hoons of an Epoch: Dutch Reversing Amazingness

Normally, when commenters post awesome links on the site, we let them have the glory. And we are giving commenter rgseidl all the credit for this one, but we had to bring it to the wider attention of our readership. Imagine all of the glory of the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show, crossed with with rank amateurishness, oddball European cars, strange homebuilt specials, a Corvair-engined dune buggy losing a backwards drag race to a Subaru-liveried DAF and a Messerschmitt up on two wheels. Then add the fabulous backdrop of late-'70s fashion and a Dutch announcer who lapses into creepy voices. Top it off with DAFs in reverse crashing spectacularly at Zandvoort and well, this, dear followers of tha Jalop, is a nugget of pure, unadulterated amazingness. This, friends, is the glory of the August 1st, 1978 episode of Te Land, Ter Zee en In De Lucht. Avoid it at your peril. You will be a better person for having watched. We guarantee it's likely to be the best 50-or-so minutes of your day. [/end superlatives]


Sir Jack Stole the Clutch! Brabham-Daf Formula 3 Car! [Internal]

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In spite of their being from the German side of the border, my mother's relatives all sound like this. And in spite of my ability to speak German, I can't understand a goddamn word.