We've been getting some good photos from our readers lately, and now it's PlatformHoon's turn to share a wonderful vehicular discovery with us. While the handcrafted eagle-with-propeller hood ornament may not match the Indian-headed jet plane on the '50 Pontiac for surrealism points, it's definitely a winner.

In PlatformHoon's own words:
Sorry for the crappy photos, all I had was my camera phone. The "owner" converted the passenger side into a bed ( ripped out the seat, cut some plywood, and 5-6 couch cushions later.. viola! A bed... The hood ornament made my day though...


Yes, in addition to being the Spirit of Cincy, this car- which we're too lazy to try to ID beyond that fact that it's some sort of 80s small sedan- is also a company car for the Gospel Advertizing Agency!

Note the chain-to-bolt hood lock arrangement; the "Merry Christmas" emblem is a nice touch in early October.


Inventor at work, eh? We'd like to see the workshop of this car's creator; perhaps there'd be a functioning jetpack there!


What appears to be some sort of bumper-mounted rack is most likely an antenna for the mind-control machine in the trunk.

Yes, the whole package goes together well, but it's the hood ornament that really ties it all together. Thanks, PlatformHoon!