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Honda's Urban EV Prototype Previews Production Electric Compact

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Honda showed up to the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 with a cutesy electric city car with seating for four adults and CVCC throwback style, I was immediately enamored. Honda has a new updated version of the Urban EV, which is a bit more production-ready, to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. And it should be production-ready, as Honda says they still plan to offer pre-orders for such a car in Europe beginning later this year.


That first iteration of the Urban EV was a pipe dream, as it would surely not reach production with such outlandish styling pieces as the million-spoke wheels and an LED front “grille” display screen that could emote. It was meant to grab attention and headlines. This new “prototype” is a bit more pragmatic with what appears to be a bit more upright seating and a shorter front. It mixes a bit of the throwback appeal of the Frankfurt concept with a more realistic Euro supermini body design.

Honda has dedicated efforts to infuse at least 2/3rds of the cars it sells in Europe with electric tech by 2025. This car will be the foundation of such a push.


I’m still holding out hope for the Sports EV Concept to make production.