America's car thieves just can't get enough late '90s Honda sedans, but a few Detroit models are starting to catch some notice as well, based on LoJack's analysis of the 10,649 vehicles stolen with its systems installed last year.

Older Hondas and Toyotas have long topped the list of most stolen vehicles, based on the demand for spare parts and the relative lack of factory-installed antitheft devices. The most frequently recovered vehicle with a LoJack locator was a 2000 Honda Civic; the next five top models were all late '90s Honda Accords.


Among cars less than five years old — many of which come with smart keys and even GPS locators like OnStar built in — the most stolen vehicles were the 2007 and 2009 Toyota Camry.

Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles by Make & Model:
2010 Rank Model 2009 Rank

1. Honda Accord 2
2. Honda Civic 1
3. Toyota Camry 3
4. Acura Integra 4
5. Cadillac Escalade 5
6. Toyota Corolla 6
7. Dodge Ram (New)
8. Nissan Altima 8
9. Nissan Maxima (New)
10. Chevrolet Tahoe 7

While auto theft has been on a long-term decline, LoJack says its on the rise again in some cities, and even at its reduced rate some $5.2 billion in lost assets. It's top 10 states for auto theft:

States with the Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles:
2010 Rank State 2009 Rank
1. California 1
2. Texas 2
3. Florida 3
4. New York 4
5. Massachusetts 5
6. New Jersey 6
7. Arizona 7
8. Maryland 8
9. Georgia 10
10. Nevada 9


[Photo of police officer recovering stolen car: AP]

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