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No, it only looks like the Toyota Prius. The crafty car spies of KGP caught up again with the Honda engineering team in the hot desert sands out west. Just in the nick of time to take an exclusive first set of shots of Honda's new Prius-fighting hybrid. We don't know much about it other than we knew the boys from Honda had something in development to sit on top of Honda's hybrid hierarchy — in the slot just above the 2009 Honda Civic hybrid sedan we saw earlier today. We also know it'll be a global model. Otherwise, you're on your own. Hit the jump for the spy report.


We just caught Honda's hybrid-only model that's designed to take on the Toyota Prius. The shape and packaging of this prototype is clearly Prius-inspired, although the overall size looks larger than Toyota's hybrid favorite. The test group consisted of a Toyota Prius, Honda's facelifted Civic Hybrid, and this prototype, which is sure to be considered the top of Honda's hybrid vehicle range.


So, what do we think? Well, it looks a bit like a bulked-up Prius. Maybe the Honda's doing push-ups out there in the desert. However it's gotten that big, we're assuming because of the uncanny resemblance, it'll help sales.

Worst thing is, we don't even have a name for it, so feel free to tell us what you think they should call it in the comments below.

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