Honda's Freed Active Probably Escaped From 1995's Hackers Film

Do you need to transport eight of your closest hacker buddies to the nearest totally “underground” techno rave in the deep warrens of the city’s industrial district? Do you still live in the mid-90s? Do you love glow sticks a little bit too much? Well, just for you, Honda introduces the Freed Active!


Behold that modern matte periwinkle finish! Observe, closely, the lime green laser (LAAAAZZZZZER) accents of the grill, the sides, the city lights, and the fog lights!

Be impressed with all the cargo capacity you could possibly desire for cases upon cases of Mountain Dew and Jolt Cola and/or enough space for rolling your ass off sexy times!


Enjoy the vaguely evil robotic looking rear end, sure to frighten the senior citizens who have pulled up too close to you at 8 p.m. on some idle Tuesday in their 1988 Buick LeSabre!


Become mesmerized by the alloy wheels that remind you of that neon Hot Wheels set you got at Christmas in 1992!


Wonder at the... at the... at... whatever the hell this is!


Marvel at the most legit righteous interior, am I right? Those seats are clearly totally excellent for some hacking of the Gibson while listening to Prodigy over and over at insane volumes!

Now, excuse me while I go sob in the corner as I try to atone for my teenaged love of this awful, awful movie and reconsider my adoration of Honda because of this dark light, bio luminescent mechanical land whale.

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