Honda Enters The Adventure Game With Its New TrailSport Models

The new trim level will add rugged off-road features to select Honda models

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Image: Honda

Honda is set to take on Subaru and its Wilderness trim packages. The brand announced that a new off-road trim called TrailSport will make its debut on select models.

Honda claims the TrailSport trims will be built for adventure and that the company has leaned on over 50 years of off-road and outdoor experience to make that the case. Honda’s VP of Operations Dave Gardner said the TrailSport will appeal to those seeking adventure.

TrailSport represents the next chapter in our rugged direction and will bring exclusive styling to our existing light trucks that will appeal to buyers seeking adventure. Our U.S. engineering team is leveraging more than 20 years of experience creating highly capable light trucks to develop this new series of adventure-ready vehicles.

So what will make a Honda vehicle TrailSport?

The first models to incorporate the TrailSport treatment will feature rugged front and rear styling, durable cladding, and exclusive interior touches, including high-contrast orange stitching and signature all-weather mats that are easier to clean. With Honda’s best-in-class i-VTM4™ torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system, they will want to get dirty tackling trails, without sacrificing comfort or the best-in-class on-road dynamics of the brand’s light trucks.


So it’ll be badges, tough-looking bodyside cladding, rugged styling, beefier tires, and slightly raised ride heights. Everything you need so venture onto a dirt road, or at least look like you might venture onto a dirt road at some point in the future, should it become necessary. Honda isn’t saying which models will get the TrailSport treatment, but unless they have a new truck or crossover up their sleeves, it’s not hard to guess. There are only four crossovers and one pickup in the lineup. And from the teasers Honda released, it looks like the first model may be the Passport. The TrailSport models start arriving later this year.