Honda Updates Grom With Visually Aggressive SP Edition

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A few months ago we got wind that Honda would be visually and mechanically updating its successful minimoto Grom model with urban naked bodywork, a new lighter wheel design, a higher top speed, and a five speed gearbox. While other markets are getting a cool silver/neon green colorway and a nifty red, it looks like the American Grom will launch with matte grey and bright yellow on the standard model, while ABS models will be Candy Blue. Interestingly, here in the U.S. market we also get this trick gold-wheels and wannabe Race Replica-style throwback graphic package called Grom SP.


The new Grom features very few actual differences from the outgoing Grom, outside of the aesthetic. The new engine now sports 10:1 compression ratio and a new fuel injection setup for improved power. And the new bike is said to be two pounds lighter than the old one, largely due to the new wheel design. With all of these improvements, the Grom’s top speed is now 59 mph, up five from the old 54 limit, largely due to the extra gear in the transmission. It also has an updated LCD gauge cluster with gear indicator, and a larger 1.59 gallon fuel tank for more miles between fill-ups.

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While it’s super exciting that Honda has revamped what might be its best city bike in history, it’s even more exciting that the SP looks as cool as it does. With a proper old-school HRC-style red, white and blue livery on the six main removable body panels, gold wheels, gold forks, and a yellow rear spring, it looks like it would totally rip. I mean, that package doesn’t have any mechanical changes from the standard Grom, but it looks hella cool anyway.

Gold is good!

Image: Honda

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