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Honda To Produce New Parts For The Beat So It Can Be With Us Through Eternity

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Good news, kids! You’ll now be able to forever enjoy the brightness and pleasure of the Honda Beat, because the company just announced that it will begin to produce new OEM replacement parts!


The Honda Beat was introduced back in 1991, making it older than me, and it’s one of those cars I always promise myself I’ll buy one day, just for a laugh. The Beat, and the Toyota Sera. But more about the Beat.


Honda has so far announced production plans for new wheels, new seat belt assembly parts, new climate control parts, and new taillights, including the little license plate light assembly. The Honda Japan website suggests that more parts of the car will go into reproduction down the road.

Before, you could source parts from some of the aftermarket companies, but now you can find your fixes and still feel pure when you slip into your Japanese sun-breather.

So go ahead, kiddo. Open that other tab and find you a Beat. You can import them now! There could already be one for sale near you. You are safe now. There will be parts. Go and have fun in your little mid-engine, RWD, 63 horsepower kei car convertible. Do it before the summer months have passed and your fun has been spoiled.

H/t to Paulo!