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In a late-cycle act of refreshance, Honda's introduced the production-model S2000 CR, a lighter-weight version of its roadster, first revealed at the New York auto show earlier this year. The company's tweaked the base model to cut bulk by a net of 99 pounds. Losses of 141 pounds come by way of losing the power top (in favor of an aluminum hardtop for inclement-weather days), stripping out sound insulation and deleting the air conditioning and audio systems, while 42 pounds accrue by way of heavier suspension components and the addition of front and rear spoilers, roll-bar cowlings and a steering box brace. The result is a raw sports car that should get VTEC junkies up on their feet, if only to to protest the S2000's uncertain future.


Press Release:

S2000 CR

The S2000 CR is an entirely new trim level for 2008. The lighter, stiffer and more aggressive overall design is engineered to maximize the S2000's potential on a racetrack with the goal of substantially-improving track times, chassis balance and feel. Compared to the S2000, the factory-tuned S2000 CR provides more aggressive and track-oriented suspension settings, increased body and chassis rigidity, overall weight reduction, and aerodynamic spoilers tuned for reduced lift and enhanced chassis balance at high speeds. A removable aluminum hardtop replaces the convertible soft top.

The aerodynamic package reduces lift through large and specially-tuned front and rear spoilers. Exclusive chassis features include a quicker steering ratio, more aggressive Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires (in place of RE050 tires), a larger rear tire size, firmer springs and dampers, larger stabilizer bars and the S2000's new wheel design in Kaiser Silver. A rear body brace has been added to the area previously occupied by the soft top, resulting in additional rigidity. Relative to the base 2008 S2000, cumulative weight savings total 51 pounds (hardtop installed) and 99 pounds (hardtop removed).

The exclusive interior is highlighted by black fabric seating surfaces with yellow stitching, a unique spherical aluminum shifter and carbon fiber-style trim panels. To save weight, air conditioning and an AM/FM/CD audio system are only available as factory-installed optional equipment.

S2000 CR Weight Savings Summary

Reducing vehicle weight increases vehicle performance and, by design, the S2000 CR weighs less than the more civilized S2000. The following summary describes how the S2000 CR reduces weight while adding some performance components that increase weight.


Eliminated Components, Hardtop Installed (approximately -51 pounds)
* Electrically-powered convertible soft top
* Sound insulation
* Spare tire and jack

Optional Eliminated Components (approximately -42 pounds)
* Air conditioning
* Audio system


User-Configurable Components (approximately -48 pounds)
* Removable aluminum hardtop

Exclusive S2000 CR Components (approximately +42 pounds)
* Front and rear spoiler
* Rear body brace
* Steering box brace
* Roll bar cowlings and hardtop mounting covers
* Heavier suspension components
* Increased rear tire size
* Tire repair kit



Does it have to come with the garrish wing and headrest cowlings? This is a great effort, but sadly I fear it will be bought up by all the badge-racers so they can show off their appearance of performance.

Honda: Make it an option package for a base model S2000 and then let's go autocrossing.